Therapeutic Recreation

When you participate in an activity that you find enjoyable you are not only experiencing pleasure and accomplishment, but you are also  feeding your mind, body, and soul.  At times, these activities can be challenging, and with that challenge, comes a sense of accomplishment,  independence and a positive well - being. As people age or as health issues affect their lives, individuals' abilities to participate in these activities can become limited or non existent. People may start spending their free time sleeping, staring off into space or watching television. In these situations people may become isolated, and with that isolation, can come emotional problems that can have a negative impact on overall health and well-being.  That  is  where therapeutic recreation comes into play.  A Therapeutic Recreationist engages individuals by creating fun and sometimes challenging programs that will meet social, physical, cognitive and emotional needs.  Since each person is different, in order to meet client specific needs, interests, and abilities, offering custom tailored programs is key to the success of service. Some examples of the types of programs offered are:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Cooking and baking
  • Music programs
  • Pet visits
  • Games and puzzles
  • Light exercises
  • Community outings
  • Reminiscence programs
  • Creative writing
  • Event/activity accompaniment
  • Photography
  • Table top gardening

Just because someone has forgotten themselves or has lost the ability to do what they once loved does not mean that they no longer feel, no longer dream and no longer wish for more out of life

It is never too late to try something new, to explore, to discover, to live your life in the best way you possibly can. You're never too old to be young!

Caregiver Support

When someone's abilities change because of a health condition family and friends are often at a loss in regards to how to spend time together. People begin to realize and accept that their loved one is no longer able to do the things the same way as he/she was once able to.  It is important to be aware that many activities can be modified to overcome barriers of most health conditions and if not there are plenty of new, rewarding activities to try out. Together we will work on building a program that contains a repertoire of constructive, engaging and stimulating activities that are designed for you and your loved one. Through guidance, you will learn  how to create activities, set goals and be realistic in regards to what to expect. 


Whether you are interested in services for yourself or for a loved one you came to the right place.  There are never any easy answers for when life changes or when people change, but finding ways to adjust and implementing positive and meaningful activities in day-to-day life can go a long way for many people. One size programs don't fit all and that is why Freedom Recreation takes the time and consideration to design programs to fit clients regardless of age, ability and health condition.  All programs are delivered directly to you so you can relax in the comfort of your own home.

Leisure Counselling

When planning for retirement people often look at the financials as being the most important factor. For people who do not have an active social life or any kind of hobby this could be a big problem. It is important to have your finances in place but it is also important to have a plan regarding what you will do with your free time. Getting stuck in a trap of spending all of your time watching television or searching the internet is not healthy and can lead to isolation and health problems.  When you wrap your life around something (work, parenting) or someone (partner, family, etc) over the years you may have lost your sense of what you enjoy out of life. When one day that something or someone isn't there anymore it can be a huge change in not only your recreational and leisure lifestyle, but your whole life. Experiencing this change in role can be a confusing and scary time but it can also bring forth new challenges and personal growth. Through Leisure Counselling services we can work together to:

  • Revisit past interests
  • Explore new activities
  • Discover community opportunities
  • Find meaningful and positive ways to spend free time
  • Set realistic goals for leisure/recreational lifestyle
  • Look at ways to modify activities of interest to meet abilities
  • Overcome barriers in regards to leisure/recreational actvities
  • Event/activity accompaniment